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Beta-Sitosterol Can Lower Cholesterol and stay Effective For Pro


Recent reports show that Beta-sitosterol can benefit our overall heath in two ways. First it can benefit lower our cholesterol. With heart problems a problem in the United States and elsewhere on earth keeping cholesterol in order ought to be important. It has also shown good results for BPH (enlarged prostate). This can be a common problem for a lot of men as they age. It could relieve some of the more common symptoms associated with this condition. With the population aging prostate problems will definitely be on the rise.

Plant sterols were first described chemically in 1922. At that time it was discovered pumpkin seeds contained a phytosterol called beta-sitosterol. It had not been until 1950 that researchers found out that phytosterols play a crucial role in lessening cholesterol by blocking its absorption into the intestine. Today margarine and cereal manufacturers fortify many with beta-sitosterol being a natural approach to lower cholesterol. It can also be present in corn oil, pecans, wheat germ and rice bran. Numerous clinical trials of beta-sitosterol have shown that it doesn't have known unwanted effects or toxicity.

There's a wide range of research that shows beta prostate to great at cholesterol-reducing as well as an option to widely prescribed statin drugs. It's estimated that approximately 10% of people that are given statin drugs to lessen cholesterol quit taking them due to the negative effects, particularly muscle pain which can be among the most common problems. This can be very good news for this population which includes, until recently, had limited alternatives.

Beta-sitosterol has been the most studied, most proven and a lot effective supplement found to lessen total as well as LDL cholesterol. These numerous studies have been published in medical journals for more than Fifty years as well as the amazing part regarding it is the fact that many people are unaware.

Doctors at McGill University, in Montreal, did overview of the literature on beta-sitosterol and cholesterol metabolism. It can be present in (Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacology- 75, 1997, p. 217-27). Their research contains 18 major studies that used sitosterols to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. They concluded in their study that "addition to diet of phytosterols represents a powerful method of improving circulating lipid profiles to lessen chance of coronary heart disease."

There was clearly another very worthwhile study done on the Center for Human Nutrition in France that exist in (Ann. Nutritional. Metabolism. 39, 1995, p. 291-5). In this study people that had normal cholesterols levels were give beta-sitosterol to ascertain if their levels of cholesterol could possibly be lowered even further. This research is quite unique because we sometimes feel that only people that have a specific condition are a part of these studies. The study demonstrated that these people could actually lower levels even more whilst they didn't make any changes for their diets or exercise program. Actually, they lowered the degree of cholesterol by a significant 10% in just per month. The study said "The present results could be of great interest within the prevention of high cholesterol diet-associated risks, especially in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Since beta-sitosterol am effective for those who didn't even want it, think what it really can do for all those those who should lower their blood lipids".


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